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In This Issue 9/23/2018

Upcoming Events– Business Mixer, AND MORE  Spotlight on Interns– Mara Novakovic; ​Guardian Angel Community Services  Name that Spot– See last week’s winner and this week’s spot!  Did you...

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Spotlight on Interns 9/23/2018

Name: ​Mara Novakovic Major: ​Criminal Justice Class of (Graduation Year): ​2019 Location of Intern Site: ​Guardian Angel Community Services: Joliet, IL Major Responsibilities: ​As an intern for the Partner Abuse Intervention Program at Guardian Angel Community...

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Celeste Nygren

What is your favorite memory at SMU?  My favorite memory at SMU was my freshman year over Easter break when a few people in one of my classes were cooking and hosting a holiday dinner in Saint Ed’s. After dinner, we decided we were going to take a present (a giant...

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Did you know 9/25/18

Importance of Networking for Career Development Enlightening Experience for Better Career Growth No matter, which career you belong to; an experience is required for every profession. Initially, you enter professional life with no prior experience, but with the...

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Salute To Seniors

As graduation is quickly approaching, below is the words of some graduating seniors as they depart from Saint Mary's.

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Bailey Windsperger

What are your favorite memories at SMU? Participating on two SOUL mission trips to Terre Haute, IN and St. Louis, MO and then leading two SOUL mission trips to Rochester, NY and New Orleans, LA What are your next steps after graduation? I have been interviewed for one...

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Regina Bettag

What are your favorite memories at SMU?  This is a difficult question because there are so many wonderful memories to choose from! Some of my favorite though come from the SOUL trips that I have been a part of. I have met absolutely amazing people at our service...

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Jesse Cwik

What is your favorite memory at SMU?  My favorite memories at Saint Mary's revolve around the amazing people I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with over the past few years. There are every day memories I take for granted that I will miss the most, and there...

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Sarah Munns

My favorite memories: being an Orientation Leader over past 3 years, MIAC championships for golf, studying abroad in Italy and Spain, working at SMU each summer, intramural volleyball, exploring the bluffs, hiking to "The Rock," our few Snow Days/Ice Days, sporting...

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Mandy Sailor

What is some of your favorite memories at SMU?  It's incredibly hard to choose one favorite memory at SMU because each year has brought me something I would not have expected. If I had to pick one favorite memory, I would say being able to be in the presence of my...

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