Spotlight on Interns

Student Name: Brett Jackson

Major: Marketing/ Sport Management

Class Of (Graduation Year): 2018

Name/ Location Of Intern Site: Cleveland Browns

Major Responsibilities: Fan Experience/ Special Events Intern. Throughout the course of the internship I have been assigned to run, coordinate, and assist several events ranging from some of my own personal main tasks such as taking the lead and instilling project management on events like the annual Coaches BBQ as well as Corporate Partnership and Suite Holders BBQ all the way to being an asset and helping out with the preparation and execution of Training Camp on the business/ logistics side of things.

How Did You Find Out About This Internship?: From applying to multiple sports organizations, then eventually finding a mutual connection to the Browns that was able to get me in contact and set up an interview.

What Has Been Your Favorite Part Of The Internship?: Being able to take the lead and work closely with the Football Operations department on the 2017 Coaches BBQ was a major highlight for me during my internship. I was able to prove and showcase my own abilities as well as learn and gain excellent insight into how event planning for events as important as these occur. I was also able to make some valuable connections during this project and was rewarded by being able to be a part and head a successful event for members of the coaching staff and executive team.

What Has Been Your Most Challenging Part Of The Internship?: Most likely I would say managing my own scheduling has been the biggest challenge during my internship. There have been times where I have been required or assigned to do several things with a due date a ways into the future. However, it has been on me to really be able to manage my time. It has been a learning curve that I have adjusted to all summer but has taught me the importance of time and project management.