Spotlight on Interns

Student Name: Geraldina Mulville

Major: Psychology

Class Of (Graduation Year): 2018

Name/ Location Of Intern Site: Human Service Center of Peoria, areas of services such as residential, outpatient, community crisis center and specialist courts

Major Responsibilities: Attending to residents, patients and group members; and being a group leader.

How Did You Find Out About This Internship?: I looked up mental health organizations around my area. Once I found a list of organizations I was interested in, I applied and contacted the supervisors.

What Has Been Your Favorite Part Of The Internship?: My favorite part of my internship was learning about myself, my future career path and expose myself to people that I may have never interacted and learned from.

What Has Been Your Most Challenging Part Of The Internship?: One of my biggest challenges is getting attached to my residence, I was able to interact with these individuals five times a week for nine weeks. I wanted to take care of some individuals but through this experience I have learned to keep my personal life and work life separate to keep myself sane.

What has Been The Biggest Lesson(s): As human beings we are all struggling with addictions, we all have something to work on that we may struggle with relapsing while recovering. An addiction does not always mean a substance abuse. We can have addictions that vary from eating to relationships. It is important to learn coping mechanisms to help us recover.

Advice To Other Students Preparing For An Internship: Be open minded about internships, try to explore an area you are uncomfortable with or uneducated in so you have the opportunity to learn about yourself and form foundation for your future career path.