Spotlight on Interns

STUDENT NAME: Stephen Fishbune

MAJOR: History and Mathematics


NAME/ LOCATION OF INTERN SITE: History Center of Olmsted County / Rochester, MN

MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: I have a variety of responsibilities, but most involve me taking inventory of historical artifacts in the history center’s 3-D objects collection or archives.

HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THIS INTERNSHIP?: I found it on the internet.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR MOST FAVORITE PART OF THE INTERNSHIP: I love discovering the stories told by each artifact in the collection. Just today I learned about a public debate that took place in Rochester, Minnesota in the early twentieth century over whether the public library should accept a generous donation with the stipulation that the money be used to purchase what were considered by many in the religious community to be ‘infidel’ books.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR MOST CHALLENGING PART OF THE INTERNSHIP: Some items can be very difficult to catalog. Specifics are important to researchers, so a good record for an item will include details beyond an item’s history. Knowing the exact material, color, and classification that defines an item requires extensive knowledge.

WHAT’S BEEN THE BIGGEST LESSON(S):  Completing a task well is much more useful than completing a task quickly. If you do your job well, then future employees won’t need to go back and correct your work.

ADVICE TO OTHER STUDENTS PREPARING FOR AN INTERNSHIPDon’t be afraid to ask your supervisors anything. In my experience, they want you to learn as much as possible.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE: I was surprised by the amount of cool items held by my local history center. I recommend that others check out what their local history centers’ have to offer!