EVENT:          WORKSHOP:  Strategies for applying to Graduate Schools

DATE:            Tuesday, September 13

TIME:             3:30 pm


DESCRIPTION: This session is open to all students, especially juniors and seniors who are considering continuing their education after they graduate from Saint Mary’s. Topics will include:

  • Strategies for selecting graduate schools and applying to them
  • Information about Graduate School Exams and Prep Classes
  • Instructions for Attending a Virtual Fair for Graduate Schools and Professional Programs

EVENT:          WORKPLACE Literacy Speaker Series

DATE:             Friday, September 16 (NOTE: NEW DATE!)

TIME:              12:30 – 1 pm

LOCATION:   Toner Faculty Staff Dining Room (Room available 12 pm)


Money, Money, Money!: Financial Literacy in the Workplace

Finances and how we handle our money can be a source of joy, but also a source of great stress depending on the choices that we make.  What can we do and what can’t we do with our money?  What can we do, but probably shouldn’t?  This session will take a quick look at useful tools that can help you manage money and make good decisions.  Let’s talk money!

This session will require active participation in looking at your own financial situation, your needs and wants as they are now and in the future.  There will be opportunities to interact with other participants about managing your money.

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EVENT:          WORKSHOP Choosing or Changing a Major

DATE:            Tuesday, September 20

TIME:             3:30 pm