EVENT:          WORKSHOP: Resumes and Branding

DATE:            Thursday, October 6

TIME:              3:30 pm


DESCRIPTION: Learn how to market yourself and your skills by developing a great branding statement and a resume you can love. Participants will be given strategies and resources to develop winning resumes and branding statements, and MUCH, MUCH more.  This is the second in a series of 3 Career Fair Prep Workshops.

EVENT:          Graduate School Virtual Fair

DATE:            Friday, October 7

TIME:              All day

LOCATION:   Online!

DESCRIPTION: For more information and to register FREE, go to: https://www.careereco.com/events/minnesota-grad

EVENT:          WORKSHOP: Winning Interview Strategies

DATE:            Tuesday, October 11

TIME:             3:30 pm


DESCRIPTION: Are you ready for your next interview? Participants will learn essential strategies for answering commonly asked questions, behavioral based questions and also learn about what questions to ask in an interview, and MUCH, MUCH more. This is the third in a series of 3 Career Fair Prep Workshops.

EVENT: information Session on The Washington Center
DATE: Wednesday, October 12
TIME: 12:30 pm
LOCATION: Faculty Dining Room (NOTE: Room is open at Noon. Session begins at 12:30) – bring your food to the room and enjoy some information and some good company.
DESCRIPTION: The Washington Center is an affiliated program that provides students with internships as well as professional development and networking opportunities which take place in Washington DC!. Some are semester length and others are shorter in length For more information about The Washington Center, go to: http://www.twc.edu/

EVENT:          Student and Alumni Networking Night

DATE:            Wednesday, October 19

TIME:              7:00 pm

LOCATION:   Merle Wilberding Alumni Room (formerly Toner B)

DESCRIPTION: Students are invited to meet with alumni (especially those who are will be vendors at the Career Fair on the 20th. Come practice your 30 second commercial and gain insights and confidence in advance of the Career and Internship Fair.