Design Your Own Internship with the City of Winona

You are invited to join Stephen Sarvi, City Manager of the City of Winona to discuss designing your own internship for the spring semester.

DATE:            Wednesday, November 16

TIME:            12:00 pm

LOCATION:   President’s Room (NOTE: Room is open at 11:30, so bring your lunch – and your ideas and questions – in to the room. Program begins at Noon)

DESCRIPTION: Come hear from Stephen Sarvi as he talks about initiatives the City of Winona is open to and how you can help make them a reality.

Arts Majors: Get involved in promoting and developing the Winona Arts Scene.

Biology/ Chemistry Majors: Help the City in it’s sustainability efforts as well as get real experience in water supply, wastewater, environmental clean-up, etc.

Business Majors: gain knowledge and experience at managing a city government – financially and administratively.

Communications and English Majors: Put your communications skills to work keeping the community informed of vital information.

Criminal Justice Majors: Immerse yourself in providing safety for the City and it’s residents.

Psychology Majors: Be a part of making Winona a Dementia-friendly City, OR assist in the development of resources to assist police and other government employees who are struggling with stress and support issues.

ALL OTHER MAJORS: Come with questions or ideas and have a creative conversation with the City Manager.