1.) Do you have clarity about your career direction? Yes or No

2.) Are you connected to the right people? Yes or No

3.) Are you confident in yourself and abilities? Yes or No

4.) Are you competent at your job seeking skills? Yes or No

5.) Is your resume high impact market-ready and up to date? Yes or No

6.) Do you have a professional sounding 30-second commercial? Yes or No

7.) Does your social media presence say hire me or fire me? Yes or No

8.) Do you know the best people to network with? Yes or No

9.) Can you conduct an efficient networking meeting? Yes or No

10.) Do you know the winning interview strategies? Yes or No

11.) Can you negotiate a job offer successfully? Yes or No

12.) Can do you stand out at a Career/Internships Fair? Yes or No

13.) Do you know how to find and land graduate assistantships? Yes or No

14.) Have you completed an internship? Yes or No

15.) Are you an effective cover letter writer? Yes or No

#of Yes’s:                                            Your CRQ:

  • 1-3                                             Career Infant – Welcome to the world of work. Get help right away!
  • 4-7                                             Career Kid- Making progress, but lots more to do.
  • 8-12                                           Career Teen- Almost There! Focus and finish strong.
  • 13-15                                         Career Professional- Way to go! You are ready to go!!