Andrew JaworskiStudent Name: Andrew Jaworski

Major: Sport Management & Marketing

Class Year (Graduation Year):Spring 2016

Name/ Location of Intern Site: Event Management and Marketing/Promotions Intern at Saint Mary’s University

Major Responsibilities: Marketing for home events using different channels and outlets. Manage game day needs for baseball for any home games.

How did you find out about this internship?: I had a friend that did it last year and so when I heard there was an opening for the spring semester I took the opportunity.

What has been your most favorite part of the internship?: My favorite part of the internship as of now has been working with sports teams helping promote for them. I like marketing and sports so it is great to work with both of them.

What has been your most challenging part of the internship?: The most challenging part of the internship so far has been communicating with all the different people in many different areas. You have to make sure you communicate exactly what needs to be done and sometimes you have to go through many people to do so.

What’s been the biggest lesson: So far through the internship, the biggest lesson that I have learned is to stay ahead and take initiative in whatever you may be doing. Look ahead to get a head start instead of waiting to be told.

Advice to other students preparing for an internship: If you have the wonderful opportunity for an internship, congratulations. I would say one thing would be to over communicate rather than not enough so things have a better chance of getting done correctly and timely.