Favorite Memory at SMU: I think one of the most memorable moments was the collaborative Lab meeting when Dr. Seebach told me, Kortney and Brian that Our research was accepted to the American Psychological Association National Conference by giving us a copy of the acceptance letter. I remember reading it and being like, is this real? It was a dream of mine to present there as an undergrad and it was an amazing experience.
Next Steps:  I’m going to be preparing for graduate school in either clinical psychology or cognitive behavioral neuropsychology.
Final Words as You Depart: To the faculty, who make this place run and make our campus beautiful, your work is appreciated and does not go unnoticed.
To the incredible staff, who stand by their students when they are faced with challenging life situations or everyday tribulations, we are so lucky to have your support!
To my fellow cardinals, push through the hard times, enjoy the good, and always be grateful.