What are your favorite memories at SMU?  This is a difficult question because there are so many wonderful memories to choose from! Some of my favorite though come from the SOUL trips that I have been a part of. I have met absolutely amazing people at our service sites, made some new friends that I otherwise might not have met, seen some incredible places, and been challenged and grown in my faith. I also love simply spending time with friends- especially in the outdoors! Whether it is hiking to the rock or convincing a professor to take our class kayaking, there have been many fun and hilarious adventures! It’s those that I have been able to share these experiences with that have made my time at St. Mary’s so fantastic! 
What are your next steps after graduation? After graduation I will be serving as a Lasallian Volunteer out in Browning, Montana where I will be a middle school teacher at the DeLasalle Blackfoot School. 
Are there any final words you would like to share with the faculty, staff, your fellow students, etc., as you prepare to graduate? I just want to extend a huge and very heartfelt thank you! The relationships that have been cultivated the past four years and what I have learned from you all, both in and out the classroom are things that I will take with me wherever I go. I am incredibly blessed to be a part of such a strong community that instills and shares so much love, service, growth, and joy! Thank you for all that each and every one of you have done- you all make the St. Mary’s Family better and I am so thankful that you were able to share those gifts with me during my time here!