Top 5 Celebrities First Jobs


#1.Rachel McAdams: McDonald’s Server- spent three of her teenage years taking orders at McDonald’s. “It was a great place to work, but I had a little bit of an OCD thing with hand washing and just didn’t have time,” the actress told Glamour. “I was not a great employee; I broke the orange juice machine one day.”

#2. Gwen Stefani: Dairy Queen Employee-

She can rock the stage in front of millions of fans like no other, but back when she was just a senior in high school, the fashion icon worked at Dairy Queen. Turns out it became the pathway to her huge success—Gwen’s band, No Doubt, was formed by fellow DQ employees John Spence and Eric Stefani (her older brother) while scrubbing floors and serving up ice cream there.

#3. Hugh Jackman: High School Gym Teacher

 You never know who you might run into—just ask Hugh Jackman. The A-list actor, who used to teach physical eduction at a school in England, recently ran into one of his former students in the press line at a red carpet event in Zurich. Jackman joked with his former pupil turned entertainment reporter, saying, “We go way back, I used to teach you at high school in P.E., and I want you to know your physical education is progressing. It’s very important to me.”


#4.Johnny Depp: Ballpoint Pen Salesman

Prior to booking big-time roles, Johnny Depp made ends meet by selling ballpoint pens—until Nicolas Cage intervened and told him he should give acting a try.


#5. Beyoncé: Hair Salon Sweeper

Beyoncé worked several different gigs before landing her dream job. While the future pop star was growing up, her mom Tina owned a salon, so the aspiring singer picked up extra cash sweeping up hair. And when she wasn’t sweeping, she was singing; something she talked about candidly in her HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream.