5 Factors to Consider when Negotiating a Salary 

1. Explore and research on different avenues what the average to high median for the position you are              applying for.

Explore these different resources to get a better sense of what you should be asking for.





2. Cost of living in the area you are applying for 

An important factor to consider the cost of living per month in the area that you would be living and working in. Can you afford your daily living based on the salary you would be receiving.

Check out these cost of living calculators to put this in perspective:




3. Get a inside scoop of the company

Check out https://www.glassdoor.com/index.htm to see other people’s reviews and experiences with the company you are applying for.


4. Talk to people you know within your network that have worked at the company 

Get honest options from people you know that may have worked for the company and ask what range what they were paid.


5. Look at the companies total compensation package for your position to see if you need to negotiate a higher salary




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-Opportunities for Advancement

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