Should you go to graduate/professional school?  Should you not go to graduate/professional school?  Here’s a couple points to help you do a little self evaluation:

  • Post-undergrad education helps you advance your career and open up opportunities
  • Graduate school can give you the chance to go abroad, conduct research, and give you community/international recognition for your work
  • Extending your education helps you to think critically, learn, and face new academic challenges
  • There is high competition for spots in programs, research, and grant money
  • Graduate and professional programs require a lot of work and can cause stress and emotional exhaustion
  • A higher degree does not always guarantee a higher salary

There are positives and negatives to pursuing your education beyond undergrad.  Attend the Graduate and Professional Awareness Day event and reception to learn about faculty’s experiences and help you decide if graduate/professional school is right for you!!  *More event information below*