Name: Sadie Doering

Major: Graphic Design and Art Studio

Class of (Graduation Year): 2020

Location of Intern Site: Career Services and Internships at Saint Mary’s University.

Major Responsibilities: Reviewing Resumes, Assisting with workshops that help promote career readiness, Organize and compose the newsletter you are reading right now!

How did I find out about this internship? I heard about it through a friend who had previously done the internship and she found it really helped her with what she wanted to do for a career after college. 

Favorite part of the internship? I love that there is always something to do, I like to keep busy, and in this department there is always a workshop, or a student that needs help!

Most challenging part?  I think the biggest challenge was how to learn to review resumes I am still learning but I definitely think I have a better handle on it now. 

Biggest lesson learned at internship? I think the biggest lesson is how to time manage everything and to get everything done in a timely manner and when to ask for help when needed

Advice of others considering an internship: I have loved my experience so far. I am a Graphic Design and Art Studio Major so this is a great opportunity to learn how to create web based materials and how to compose graphics and flyers for events.