What is some of your favorite memories at SMU?  It’s incredibly hard to choose one favorite memory at SMU because each year has brought me something I would not have expected. If I had to pick one favorite memory, I would say being able to be in the presence of my friends every single day. A lot of really good things have occurred, but without the support and encouragement of my friends on the daily, nothing would have been as enjoyable!
What are your next steps after graduation? 
Following graduation, I will be starting an accelerated nursing program at the end of May at University of Northwestern- St. Paul. Following becoming an RN, I would love to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.
Are there any final words you would like to share with the faculty, staff, your fellow students, etc., as you prepare to graduate? 
A sincere thank you to all Saint Mary’s faculty and staff- without your work on a daily basis, our experiences would not be as unforgettable without you all. To my peers, good luck with your future goals! I am confident you all will make this world a better place.