My favorite memories: being an Orientation Leader over past 3 years, MIAC championships for golf, studying abroad in Italy and Spain, working at SMU each summer, intramural volleyball, exploring the bluffs, hiking to “The Rock,” our few Snow Days/Ice Days, sporting events, working TEC, Biology Club camping trip, O-Chem Synthesis project, TRBD, and meeting each and every friend I have made here at SMU.

After graduation: I have been accepted into the Cytotechnology Program at Mayo, which is a year-long program.  Afterward, I would be certified as a Cytotechnologist and be able to look at cells from the body and determine if they were cancerous or not.  

Final words: I want to thank all my teammates and fellow Orientation Leaders, for challenging me to be a better listener, problem solver, athlete, and leader at SMU-you guys rock!  To all my science and business professors, thank you for your continued enthusiasm and efforts to help me become a better student over the past 4 years! Lastly, I would like to thank all the staff I have worked with over the summers working at SMU-I have grown so much from these work experiences and it made my summers fun!