Name: Sammi Bakke

Major: Marketing and Sport Management

Class of (Graduation Year): 2019

Location of Intern Site: Chartwells

Major Responsibilities: I am in charge of working on the Monthly Newsletter as well as updating the website each day and post as much on social media as possible. Chartwells survey season is upon us so I try and promote as much as I can for that too. I have had more freedom is marketing for the different events Chartwells put on so that is something I have grown into from last semester. 

How did I find out about this internship?: Through a student that was working the same position the year before.

Favorite part of the internship?: I have a lot of freedom to make creative decisions.

Most challenging part?: There is constant communication between different departments and it is challenging to make sure that everyone is always on the same page.

Biggest lesson learned at internship?: Learning how to prioritize at work and also in the school setting.

Advice of others considering an internship: If you want to learn a lot, apply for this internship!