Name: Grace Wegleitner


Major: Criminal Justice


Class of (Graduation Year): 2019


Location of Intern Site: Hope Harbor in Winona


Major Responsibilities: My major responsibilities at my internship revolve around the girls going through the program at Hope Harbor. This Christian treatment program serves teenage girls and their families in a restorative manner. I have shadowed experienced staff as well as done direct care for the girls in which I help implement the girls’ programs goals, ensure safe, model life skills, complete documentation, and help the girls grow and progress in their programs. I have been learning the administrative process of the programs and the methodology behind how the programs is carried out.


How did I find out about this internship?: I found this internship through online research.


Favorite part of the internship?:


My favorite part of the internship is being connected to all the amazing staff and people at Hope Harbor including the girls in the program!


Most challenging part and biggest lesson learned at the Internship?

I was a little out of my comfort zone when I began my internship and especially when I began doing direct care shits on my own with the girls. I found it challenging as a new intern to confidently carry out facilitating activities and disciplining or correcting improper behavior. Confidence was the biggest struggle for me but also one of the strongest area’s I have developed within myself in this internship. My faith has also grown a lot during this time and it has been amazing to see the change that God is making in the lives of these girls as well.


Anything else you would like to add?

I would highly recommend this internship to anyone seeking to work with an awesome Christian ministry or in the field of social work. I truly love and cherish the time I get to spend at Hope Harbor and I am so grateful for this opportunity to intern.