Student Name:​ ​Portia Mensah

Major: ​Human Services with Health Emphasis

Class Of (Graduation Year): ​2019

Name/ Location Of Intern Site: ​Family and Children’s Center (Youth Night Campus), Winona, MN

Major Responsibilities: ​Some of my major responsibilities include; observing the clients, helping out with team activities, participating in their hourly sessions, monitoring the clients as they’re cooking.

How Did You Find Out About This Internship?: ​After taking a couple classes at Saint Mary’s related to my major, such as Case Management and Interviewing and Assessment courses, my advisor, Professor Valerie Edwards Robeson encouraged me to pursue this internship/field placement opportunity.

What Has Been Your Most Favorite Part Of The Internship?:​ ​My favorite part of my internship so far has been being able to be part of the client’s ​daily scheduled sessions as well as helping the client’s cook dinner for their weekly independent living skills activity.

What Has Been Your Most Challenging Part Of The Internship?: ​So far, I haven’t encountered anything challenging at my internship.

What has Been The Biggest Lesson(S):​ ​The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is to ​have a positive attitude to everything. I say this because if I’m pleasant to be around then people will enjoy working with me as well as want to collaborate with me on future projects.

Advice To Other Students Preparing For An Internship: ​My advice to other students preparing for an internship is to make as many connections as you can and to utilize their time with their advisors and faculty members. Meeting new people will help open up numerous opportunities which will help build a healthy relationship and establish rapport with your choice of internship.