Student Name: Junyi Ma

Major: Marketing

Class Of (Graduation Year): 2018

Name/ Location Of Intern Site: Marketing Department at SMUMN

Major Responsibilities: Marketing manager assistant; do the survey and write market analysis report.

How Did You Find Out About This Internship? From my advisor, he asked me would like to do it? I said yes.

What Has Been Your Most Favorite Part Of The Internship? Get into markets and do the survey is my favorite part.

What Has Been Your Most Challenging Part Of The Internship? I need to do a presentation when I do the survey and some students do not want to participate in my survey. I need to be really nice and encourage them to finish it.

What has Been The Biggest Lesson(S): Be outgoing is the core of the marketing people and talk a lot, and be a humor person and confidence because during the survey, my goal is get the honest answer and let them say more. The first step is make them feel happy and relaxing.

Advice To Other Students Preparing For An Internship: Use free time to think about it, the more time you use, or working harder, you will learn more. During the intern, do not say any excuse. Just do it, and try your best. Don’t be afraid of asking questions for your boss. Communication is the first step to make you well done your mission.

Anything Else You’d Like To Share: Be prepared for everything.